It’s time for changes. We decided to give more focus on tiny house houzEKO. Soon we will change the name of the institute to Institute houzEKO and later we will change the institute to a limited company houzEKO ltd. We are giving a big push to finish our tiny houses to start heavily with marketing and sales. We also want to upgrade the technical part it tiny houses, improved details and designing new models. We also have a help from Erasmus students to upgrade marketing and technical field. Thanks to Marie, Sandra and soon to come Sule. We will slowly shout down this webpage and move everything to We also changed all the social media profiles to houzEKO. We hope the changes will make an big impact in offering tiny houses in Europe. David KodarinGeneral director of the KAKIS ltd and the development manager of the Institute mOBILNO to go. By profession, he is a university graduated civil engineer but soon he realized that he wants to not just to build houses but also a more sustainable future. He is passionate about sustainability, ecological products, zero waste principles and much more. He likes to do sports, uses opensource software, […]