Hello everyone!!! My name is Ioanna and I am from Cyprus.
I graduated Mechanical Engineering in the University of Cyprus and during the last year of my studies I decided that I wanted to find a job abroad where I would be able to practice engineering and have the experience of living alone in a different country.

The internship at Institute mOBILNO to go and KAKIS was the best opportunity for me as the position was a challenge for me.
My internship started in October and until now I have a great time here in the beautiful Koper. Koper is a wonderful city, the sea, the port and the town center are wonderful, and you always have something to do.
Mr.David is a very nice boss and the tasks he gives me are very interested and challenging and I enjoy working for him.
Besides work I already managed to do some trips during the weekends, Italy is only half hour away! I also attended a trip to Serbia where I met other students and I had a great time. Ljubljana the capital of Slovenia is only an hour away and is a magnificent city.
My conclusion so far is that I really enjoy my internship in Koper and I’m going to have more awesome days here in Slovenia.