Institute mOBILNO to go‘s vision is focused on sustainability. We want a future with healthy lifestyle, food abundance and zero waste. We want that all the next generation will have better and improved conditions of life.


Our mission is to help companies to transit to circular economy and to create new venture in this field. In the next 10 years we want to spin off 5 companies, to decrease 5% of CO₂ emissions in Europe with our products and to establish 5 new ecovillages in Europe.


David Kodarin

general manager

David Kodarin is a Msc in Civil engineering. He graduated from the University of Ljubljana. Part of the study he performed in Brno (Czech Republic) and Barcelona (Spain). The mandatory practice was carried out in Orléans (France), half of the diploma was written in Tours (France). As a result, he gained a lot f international experiences and learned new languages.

Later, as an engineer, he worked on large and small projects in Slovenia, Germany, Belgium, and Luxembourg. He gained abundant experiences in the field of timber construction and concrete structures, civil engineering and design. David has many different technical expertise and years of experience in entrepreneurship. He speaks fluently six languages and has a good knowledge in computer science.

Leja Arnejčič

PR & marketing

Leja is an elementary school teacher. She finished her studies in the University of Maribor. During and after her studies, she spent a lot of time abroad. Consequently, she gained a lot of experience in different international fields of tourism and education. Leja took part in different international projects as a project manager or as a participant.

She is mainly working on PR, marketing and organization. She speaks very good English and Portuguese.