Hi there, My name is Peter and I am a student at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences in Timber Constructions. My study’s focus is on structural mechanics, constructional details and of course the material properties of wood but also on financing, marketing and languages. I started my internship at mOBILNO to go today (August 2016), before I already worked as an intern in a small carpentry in Austria, my home country. There I gained a lot of practical experience, learned how to use different kinds of woodworking machinery and worked on various projects. Well, I guess that is enough about my education and work. Although I also like architecture and wood in my private life. During leisure time I enjoy taking walks to the forest, cycling, swimming, reading, cooking (and food in general) and gardening (although I don’t actually have a garden, but on my window sill there are tons of different plants). As you can imagine Koper is an awesome place for me to live in, because I can pursue my hobbies here! Another big passion of mine is travelling, so I will use the weekends to see a lot of the beautiful country of Slovenia! David KodarinGeneral director […]

Internship update My internship started two months ago. Time goes by so quickly and I really learned and explored a lot since I came to Koper. The working atmosphere is very familiar. I feel free in choosing and working on tasks. We do a lot of research, so it’s like educating yourself about topics you are interested in. I got a lot of ideas for a future place of employment or companies I would be interested to work for. Besides work I have a lot of spare time which I use to travel. It’s also not a problem to ask David spontaneously to get off, if there’s something exciting I want to do 😉 In August we climbed Slovenias highest mountain Triglav together. That was an awesome experience! On weekends I often do activities with Elena and Peter. We arranged to live together in an apartment with two Slovenian girls. I already feel like a local and enjoy living in Koper a lot. It’s like holidays for me 😉 Koper offers various events on weekends during the summertime. Although streets are full of people in the evening it’s not a party town for the younger ones. But the capital is […]