Dober dan! Moi! Hi! Xin chào!

My name is Hang Nguyen, 20 years old, from Vietnam, a new intern at Institute mOBILNO to go. I am  currently studying Energy and Environmental Engineering bachelor’s degree at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), Finland.

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I like orange color, cooking different cuisines from different cultures, experiencing new aspects of life. Some of my favorite writers include Haruki Murakami and Margaret Mitchell. Even though I study engineering, I like accounting and I am not so into doing laboratory work… During my studying in Finland, I involved in several projects, varying from environmental industries, digital media and business to refugee projects. Like one of my friends saying: ‘Every person is a book that you have to read every chapter of it!’, I am pretty sure mine is not yet finished.

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Let just say that destiny pulls me over Slovenia and to David’s company. One very dawn day as any other usual winter day in Finland, I found a job advertisement of an intern position from Institute mOBILNO to go. As you can guess, I applied immediately and here I am now, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I did not even do any literature research about Slovenia before I reached here as I wanted to see and experience myself first, then I would work with google search engine later ☺ I met David and his girlfriend during the first working week in a business meeting in a small village in Slovenia. The view on top of Slovenian mountain was just great. Fresh air and snow, oh how I miss thick snow in Finland… After talking and working with David for a while, I was impressed with his behaviors as a boss! I would love to learn this from him! My goals after this internship are simply to improve myself and contribute at least something valuable to the company. I will try to learn as much as possible from everything during the whole period!

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Wish luck to David and his future business path!

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