Internship update My internship started two months ago. Time goes by so quickly and I really learned and explored a lot since I came to Koper. The working atmosphere is very familiar. I feel free in choosing and working on tasks. We do a lot of research, so it’s like educating yourself about topics you are interested in. I got a lot of ideas for a future place of employment or companies I would be interested to work for. Besides work I have a lot of spare time which I use to travel. It’s also not a problem to ask David spontaneously to get off, if there’s something exciting I want to do 😉 In August we climbed Slovenias highest mountain Triglav together. That was an awesome experience! On weekends I often do activities with Elena and Peter. We arranged to live together in an apartment with two Slovenian girls. I already feel like a local and enjoy living in Koper a lot. It’s like holidays for me 😉 Koper offers various events on weekends during the summertime. Although streets are full of people in the evening it’s not a party town for the younger ones. But the capital is […]

Dragan from Serbia

Hello! I am student of the last year at the Faculty of Economics, University of Niš (Serbia) and at the moment I am exchange student at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia). In professional field I am oriented on Marketing, which is my passion on my undergraduate studies, and it will be on my future master studies, too. Here at “mOBILNO TO GO” I have a great opportunity to apply my knowledge, improve my skills and to test the potential of my ideas. As I am an young man, I enjoy the collaboration with this young company in order to grow together. In my free time, I enjoy running and swimming, which is my natural energy charger. I adore to organize trips on my own and to enjoy different destinations with practicing my photography skills. The motto which drives me is thought that I am creator and the only one responsible for my life and future.